Maison M’Elise, a cultural bridal design house where every woman becomes a muse. Her background a source of inspiration. Beautiful creations uniquely tailored just for you …





My name is Maaike Elise Stofferis, I am the founder and designer of Maison M’Elise, a Netherlands-based sustainable bridal brand. I have been designing in the bridal business for more than ten years creating custom-made wedding gowns and occasion wear for special events. My family was one that traveled a lot, and because of that, I had the opportunity to live in many countries around the world during my upbringing. This experience allowed me to witness first-hand how textiles and handcrafted embroideries are traditionally made and it was then that my passion was born. Those early memories have truly shaped my love for artisanal handicrafts and the rich history that comes with it, and I have carried over the use of traditional embroidery and beadwork techniques into my own pieces.

In preparation for your big day, I will draw your dress, select the most beautiful fabrics, create a unique lace design, design personal bridal jewellery and embroider your dress by hand. Your gown is one of a kind and designed especially for you. Proudly I can state that we are the first sustainable bridal brand in the Netherlands.
Designer Maison M'Elise Maaike Elise Stofferis
All our bridal dresses are tailor-made in our atelier in Rotterdam, even our lace is designed and manufactured locally. Our atelier is open for bespoke orders. For appointments and all other inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.