Maison M’Elise, a cultural bridal design house where every woman becomes a muse. Her background a source of inspiration. Beautiful creations uniquely tailored just for you …




At Maison M'Elise we are here to help you with the process of designing your perfect gown. To get started, choose between our party label Aljamielah or our wedding label Truly Love Me and simply click below to make a consultation appointment.

Truly Love Me

Dear Bride-to-be,

Meet Truly Love Me, our Netherlands-based custom bridal label where you are our muse! Be our source of inspiration for creating a one-of-a-kind gown expressly tailored to you. We can also design bespoke lace that has special and personal meaning to you, to be incorporated into your gown or veil adding an exceptional level of exclusivity to your design. Maison M’Elise’s Truly Love Me will create your haute couture dream gown where you will feel “truly loved”.

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Aljamielah Logo

Hi Party Girl!

Aljamielah, which means ‘the beautiful’, is our party wear label creating custom dresses for any special occasion. These sumptuous looks are inspired by Islamic culture, and we love integrating the uniqueness of different traditions, cultures, and contemporary styles into our bespoke pieces. Are you looking for a stunning dress to wear on your honeymoon? Or do you need a stand-out outfit for that wedding of the year you are attending? We’ve got you covered! We proudly preserve traditional craftsmanship and embroidery techniques in all our couture creations. Let us design your one-of-a-kind party look inspired by the beauty that defines your culture.

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