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The journey towards the realisation of this brand took time since it was not easy to find the right raw materials, with a need for sustainability to be at the heart of the company. Because we are determined to ensure all the raw materials for our creations are sourced as locally as possible with the most minimal use of resources.


Sustainability is one of the key aspects that makes Maison M'Elise unique which covers 70% of what we do, from the artisan lace to the embroidered vintage hand-blown glass beading, to the fabrics made from eucalyptus, oranges and roses, to the hand painted 3D flowers. Right down to the packaging we use and the personalised tags.


The bridal industry is an industry just like any other, and increasingly it has expanded even more into the realm of how “fast-fashion” is manufactured, greatly increasing stress and pollution on our planet, not to mention the exploitation of textile factory workers around the world.


Realising that the wedding sector was polluting and as deeply affected as the rest of the clothing industry, we started to question why women would wear a gown that most probably was made with child labour, had a huge carbon footprint and used materials that would not easily biodegrade on a day that is all about love.


We can now proudly state that this emphasis on integrity and being conscientious about how we work and the effect on people and planet has become our sustainable strategy of uncompromising excellence.


If you look in our Look Book, you will find extensive descriptions on all the source materials used for your bridal gown.


If you have any further questions on sustainability, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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