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Privacy Policy Maison M'Elise


Maison M’Elise, established in Rotterdam, attaches particular importance to protect your personal data. In this privacy policy we want to give you clear and transparent information about how we handle your personal data.

We are doing everything to protect your privacy and we therefore handle your personal data with great care.  In all circumstances Maison M’Elise will abide by the relevant laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  This means that, in any case, we will:

  • Process your personal data in agreement with the aim for which they are provided. These aims and types of personal data are described further on in this privacy policy;
  • Process your personal data, limited to only those data needed for the aim for which they are provided as a bare minimum;
  • Ask your express permission, if we need that for processing your personal data;
  • Take suitable technical and organisational arrangements to protect your personal data;
  • Not pass on personal data to third parties, unless that is necessary to achieve the aims, for which they are provided;
  • Be aware of your rights regarding personal data; to inform you about these rights and to respect these.

As Maison M’Elise we are responsible for the processing of your personal data. Should you have any questions after reading our privacy policy, or have more general questions about this, please contact us using the contact details at the end of this document.


Processing of Personal Client data

Personal data of clients are processed by Maison M’Elise for the following reasons:

  • Administration;
  • Communication about product deliveries;
  • Implementation of orders;
  • The deliveries of products;
  • To request anonymous feedback about our services.

The basis for these personal data is:

  • The agreement to deliver or the order to perform activities, according to a form on the website or in the atelier.

For the above reasons, Maison M’Elise may ask you the following personal data:

  • First Name;
  • Infix;
  • Last Name;
  • Name Partner;
  • (Business) Telephone Number;
  • (Business) E-mail Address;
  • Postal Address;
  • Any potential Pregnancy (to prevent wrong measurements).

Your personal data will be stored by Maison M’Elise for the above-mentioned purposes for the duration of the agreement and after this for a maximum of seven years in our order administration.

Aa a client you will be allowed to use a username and password to log in on protected parts of our website. We will store your password in an encrypted way and we will not be able to use this. As a user you are responsible for the careful handling of the username and password. If you suspect that the password is known by unauthorised people, you should let us known as soon as possible so that we can take appropriate action.


Processing of personal data of Newsletter subscribers

Personal data of Newsletter subscribers are processed for the following reason:

  • To inform the subscribers twice monthly about our latest collection, actions and promotions.

The basis for these personal data is:

  • Ask permission to send the Newsletter;

For this reason, Maison M’Elise may ask you the following personal data:

  • First Name;
  • Infix;
  • Last Name;
  • E-mail Address.

Your personal data will be stored by Maison M’Elise for the above-mentioned purpose for the duration of the application. Every Newsletter or direct mailing contains an option to unsubscribe.


Processing of Personal Data of People who are interested

Personal data of people who are interested are processed for the following reason:

  • Provide information by means of focused contacts.

The basis for these personal data is:

  • Ask permission to fill the contact form or to visit the atelier and to allow to lay out a personal offer.

For this reason, Maison M’Elise may ask you the following personal data:

  • First Name;
  • Infix;
  • Last Name;
  • Telephone Number;
  • E-mail Address.

Your personal data will be stored by Maison M’Elise for the above-mentioned purpose a maximum period of three months. Should any offer be made, this will be stored in our administration for a maximum of seven years.



Our website is using cookies, which store technical information. Cookies are small information files, which a website leaves on your computer and which also leaves your browsing activity of our website on our files. It concerns for example:

  • The IP-address of the visitor;
  • The date and time of your browsing;
  • De URL of the referring site (the indirect site, which the visitor browses first);
  • The browsed pages of our website;
  • Information on the used browser (type and version, operating system, etc.).

Technical information and cookies are used by us to enhance your browsing visits on our website, by optimising the performance and user experience of the website. Cookies can be placed by Maison M’Elise as well as by third parties, with whom Maison M’Elise cooperates.

Below you will find an overview of the types of cookies, which can be placed via the website:

Functional cookies

Maison M’Elise places cookies, which are needed to allow proper functioning of the website and to provide requested services. These cookies are used to store particular information on users and preferences, to store potential log-in data and to optimise the comfortable use of the website.

Analytical cookies

Maison M’Elise is also using cookies analytically by collecting information on the use of the website. With this information we analyse, amongst other things, the number of website visitors, which pages are used and how long your browsing lasted. The collected information is used to enhance the service and to adjust the contents of the website in an optimum way to the desires and needs of the users.


Social Media

On our website you can share information via social media; Our website has a number of icons, which lead to social media to leave comments. Via these links, social media may place cookies, but we cannot influence the use of these cookies. The social media are responsible for the use and provision of data, obtained in this way. The privacy policies and general conditions of the relevant social media are applicable to the use of this information.


Providing information to third parties

We may provide your data to third parties, if we feel it is needed to execute the above mentioned functional and analytical goals.

We are using a third party for:

  • Maintenance of our website;
  • Maintenance of general system management;
  • Sending e-mails;
  • Maintenance of the financial administration;
  • Maintenance of product delivery.

We never pass on personal data to parties, with whom we do not have an agreement to process data.  With all our data processing parties we have agreed to guarantee your personal data. We will only pass on your personal data if this is requested by law. As an example of this, the police may request personal data, stored by us, as part of an investigation. In those cases, we have to cooperate and are obliged to pass on your personal data to the authorities.

We can of course always pass on your personal data to third parties, if you provide us with a written confirmation.


Contacts outside the EU

We do not provide personal data to third parties, which are located outside the EU.



We only process personal data of minors (persons younger than 16 years) if we receive a written confirmation by one of the parents, carer or legal representative.


Retention Period

Maison M’Elise retains personal data not longer than necessary for the purpose for which the data are provided and not longer than required by law.



We have taken appropriate technical and organisational steps to protect your personal data against unlawful use; for example, we have taken the following measures:

  • All persons, who have taken note of your data on behalf of Maison M’Elise are bound by a duty of confidentiality of your data;
  • We use a policy on all our systems by protection via a user name and password;
  • We are using pseudonyms and ensure encryption of personal data if there is a motive;
  • We ensure back-ups of personal data, to repair the data base in case of technical or physical incidents;
  • We test and evaluate our measures on a regular basis;
  • Our staff are informed about the importance of the protection of personal data.

Rights concerning your data

You have the right to inspect, rectify or removal of your personal data, which we have obtained from you. You can always raise an objection against the processing of your personal data (or part of these) by us or by one of our cooperating third parties. You also have the right to hand back your data, provided to us or, commissioned by yourself, to hand over your data to a different party. In the latter case, we may ask you to legitimise yourself before executing such a request.

If you have provided us with a permission to process your personal data, then you have always the right to retract that permission.



Should you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, we ask you to contact us immediately.  If we are unable to agree an outcome, this is of course annoying, but you have always the right to lodge a complaint at the “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens”. This is supervisory authority in the Netherlands in the realm of privacy protection.



If you have any further questions or remarks regarding our Privacy Policy please get in touch!


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