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Lace Veil

Bridal Veil


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Our very special lace veil is created from soft tulle and adorned with intricate Spanish lace. This delicate veil can be worn draped over the head, Mantilla style, for a romantic feel, or secured further back on the head incorporated into your hairstyle. Handmade in the Netherlands, the Lace Veil can be ordered in different lengths to suit your style preference.

SKU: 203008 Category:

This veil is ideal for those wanting to repurpose their bridal veil, for example as canopy over a baby’s crib if you plan on having children someday. Other brides love to have their veils, or details from it, beautifully framed for display.

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Veil Size

120 cm Single Layer, 210 cm Single Layer, 280 cm Single Layer, 120 cm & 210 cm Double layer, 280 cm x 120 cm Double Layer


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