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Our passionate team, nestled in the enchanting landscapes of the Netherlands, stands as a testament to empowerment and diversity. Proudly composed of talented, empowered females from diverse ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, we believe in celebrating the beauty of individuality.


Guided by an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we craft bridal wear collections that echo your soul's deepest desires. Each gown, a masterpiece in its own right, is thoughtfully crafted from at least 80% ecologically sourced materials, embracing a harmonious union with our precious planet.
Maison M'Elise is more than a brand; it's a celebration of everlasting love and cherished moments. With each stitch, we weave a symphony of emotions, transforming your vision into a reality beyond imagination. Our passion knows no boundaries, uniting all generations with a love that transcends time.

We strongly believe in creating sustainable gowns based on the philosophy of Ikigai. Every gown we make is made to honour all women that have come before, keeping the traditions of authentic lace and embroidery alive.


Introducing Maaike Elise Stofferis, the creative mind behind Maison M'Elise, a dutch bridal wear brand that embraces heritage and sustainability. With a passion for fashion and a diverse cultural background from living around the world,


Maaike's designs reflect an exquisite fusion of artistry and individuality. discover the enchanting world of Maison M'Elise, where each gown is a masterpiece crafted to enhance the bride's personality and celebrate their unique journey of love.
At Maison M'Elise, individuality takes center stage. Working closely with each bride, Maaike Elise Stofferis derives inspiration from their cultural backgrounds and traditions. This personal touch allows her to craft bespoke dress designs that perfectly mirror the essence of the bride, enhancing her personality even further.

I believe to be an innovative designer one should observe the body in motion to create or discover a profound design.

Maaike Elise's Stofferis path to mastery began at the renowned bridal designer Pnina Tornai, where she catered to an international clientele, including celebrities, red carpet events, and television. Additionally, Maaike's leadership qualities blossomed during her time as a stage manager at London Fashion Week, where she supported prominent designers like Jenny Packham, Vivienne Westwood, and Betty Jackson.
Before conquering the bridal world, Maaike immersed herself in the world of physical theatre in Paris, studying Comedia Dell Arte at the esteemed Académie International Des Spectacle. This profound experience provided her with a deeper understanding of the interplay between clothes and the human body in space. 
With a solid foundation in the fashion capitals of the world, Maaike returned to the Netherlands to work with several dutch bridal boutiques, where she guided over 3000 brides in finding their dream dresses. This hands-on experience granted her unparalleled expertise in the bridal industry, making her a true connoisseur of the market's offerings and a genuine expert in understanding the desires of every bride.
Today, Maison M'Elise stands as a testament to Maaike's unwavering commitment to innovation, fueled by her diverse background and profound knowledge of the bridal world. With each exquisitely designed gown, she weaves together the dreams and aspirations of brides, celebrating their uniqueness and cultural heritage.

We are looking forward designing your unique love story into your dream dress and starting this beautiful creative journey together.

Maison M'Elise

Cultural Bridal Design House
Logo Instagram (4)_edited_edited_edited.
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