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Maison M'Elise Bespoke Haute Couture - Natural Dyed Delicate Fabrics
Maison M'Elise Bespoke Haute Couture
Maison M'Elise - Lyon Lace Leaves
Maison M'Elise Bespoke Haute Couture - Eco Satin Flowers
Maison M'Elise - Lyon Lace emboidered with glass-blown beads

The journey towards the realisation of Maison M'Elise took time, with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and responsible practices.

We can now proudly state that this emphasis on integrity and being conscientious about how we work and the effect on people and planet has become our sustainable strategy of uncompromising excellence.

Finding the right raw materials while prioritising eco-friendliness was a crucial aspect that makes Maison M'Elise truly unique in the bridal wear industry.

At Maison M'Elise, sustainability covers 70% of the brand's endeavors, from artisan lace to hand-blown glass beading and fabrics made from eucalyptus, oranges, and roses. Every element, including the intricately hand-painted 3D flowers and packaging, reflects our eco-conscious approach.

Transparency is at the core of our values. It fosters accountability, builds trust, and promotes collaboration with our suppliers and the Maison M'Elise team. By being transparent, we strive to create a more sustainable and responsible business environment, effectively addressing societal and environmental challenges.


In the bustling wedding industry, the bridal sector faces similar challenges to other fields, with an alarming expansion into "fast-fashion" practices. This growth contributes to significant environmental stress and exploits textile workers worldwide, causing concerning levels of pollution.
Recognising the urgent need for change, Maison M'Elise raises questions about the bridal industry's environmental impact. 


Why should brides wear gowns made with child labor, leaving a considerable carbon footprint and using materials that resist biodegradation on a day meant for love?

Committed to ethical principles, we embark on a mission to craft bridal wear that celebrates love while prioritizing the well-being of our planet and its people.


Discover the allure of Maison M'Elise, where ethical bridal wear meets sustainable elegance.

Our designs symbolise the union of love and environmental responsibility, ensuring that your special day leaves a positive impact on the world. Experience the beauty of sustainable love with Maison M'Elise's conscious bridal wear.


If you look in at our 'Blue Apples' Bridal & Evening Collection, you will find extensive descriptions on all the ecological source materials used for our bridal and evening gowns.

For any other sustainability inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to support and provide information as you make eco-conscious choices for a greener future.

We are looking forward designing your unique love story into your dream dress and starting this beautiful creative journey together.

Maison M'Elise

Cultural Bridal Design House
Logo Instagram (4)_edited_edited_edited.
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