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Dutch sustainable couture brand Maison M'Elise first sustainable couture collection 'Blue Apples', inspired by the diversity of women, a version of paradise where all women are celebrated in their own way, they take the onlooker through the pearly gates where heaven's canopy frames its divinely dressed inhabitants.


History is laced with the fabrication of time's alchemy
Spun from the twisted threads
That fairytales and dreams are made of
In the wilder realm of bewilderment

Yet weaned on the cup of forgetfulness
With every breath and swig
We forget …
That this is but a dream of warp and weft
For in the getting
We lose the thread

Forever falling through the graceless heirs of Kronos
Within an eternal infernal spiral spun
Caught in time's thin threads all frayed and in disarray
The clasp undone

Yet on remembering that sacred silvered thread
The sentient serpent from its coil awakes
Unfolds and cleaves to Eve
Engaged … that magnetic link to the divine

To which we are wedded
Life's sacred secret knot
Tied of time honoured talent
Seen through the slip of grains
Falling through time's glassy vein

Gowns passing through gentle hands and ages
Traditions hugging the hourglass figure
Hand me downs


Through the handmaidens of time's passing
Through rites of passage
To the coming of age

Here lain upon the fine fabric of a finely woven past
Such dress the bride of the crystal light
In diaphanous ephemeral vehement

In ripe abundance and looped sigils mute
Beyond time's withering reach
An ever living harvest for the gathering

... for the discerning
For who feeds from the vine

Drinks of the wine of love
Forever young those love drunk martyrs
Free to flee to fight in Elysian fields full and fallow
Only to fall
In love
Once more

- Paul Heaney


We are looking forward designing your unique love story into your dream dress and starting this beautiful creative journey together.

Maison M'Elise

Cultural Bridal Design House
Logo Instagram (4)_edited_edited_edited.
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